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We would love to see all of us get the healthcare that we need and deserve. We believe that healthcare is a human right!

Know that you’re not alone in your struggle to find healthcare and be well while un- or underinsured and low-income. BEING UNDERINSURED MEANS that you have coverage but cannot afford eg your copays or deductible. This makes you eligible for many of the services listed on this site.

We so hope that you find help here.

This site is meant to be a community resource. Your feedback and resource suggestions are very welcome! Please use the comments function. Our hope is that we can share with and support each other.

Our healthcare system as it exists now is seriously lacking. We hope that you’ll also consider getting involved in the many political efforts to improve healthcare access for all of us.



Choices are Awesome!

Find trans healthcare, birth control, abortion, birth and gyne / sexual health resources here!


Immigrant & Refugee Healthcare

Learn about Pittsburgh-area healthcare resources that provide care for our new neighbors from other countries. Connect or learn about health issues in your own language.



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