Trans Healthcare


I collaborated with Sheila Ramgopal at Allegheny Reproductive Health Center on this list of providers and resources. Thank you Zoë Mizuho for all of your help as well!

PROVIDERS (selection)      
Provider Phone/Address Services Payment
Planned Parenthood SW PA Six locations throughout the Southwestern PA service area (Pittsburgh, Moon Township, Bridgeville, Johnstown, Somerset, and Greensburg PA) administer hormone therapy. 1-800-230-7526 Hormone Replacement Therapy Offer sliding scale pricing on hormone therapy services. Costs can range anywhere from 2$ to 150-200$ depending on household size, income level (relative to the poverty level), labs required, etc. We also assist people in signing up for Medicaid if they qualify for any type of coverage and reside in PA.
Metro Community Health Center 1789 South Braddock Avenue #410, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 412-247-2310
Hormone therapy, LGBTQ-competent care. Income-based sliding scale.
Sisters PGH
Drop-in space, resource provider and shelter transitioning program.  
Persad Center 5301 Butler St. Suite 100, Pgh 15201 412-441-9786

Transgender counseling services include opportunities for gender evaluation, individual, couples, group counseling, family education programs, and referrals. Referrals to legal services, primary medical care, hormone treatment, and cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Advocate for gender-non-conforming people who have experienced discrimination.

PERSAD participates in the PA Medicaid program (CBH). You may qualify for funding available through our community partnerships.
Central Outreach Wellness Center (412) 471-9806
1860 Centre Ave #106
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Comprehensive transgender healthcare. All Medical Assistance, Funding for Low-Income Allegheny County residents.
Allegheny Reproductive Health Center (412) 661-8811
5910 Kirkwood St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Obstetrical, gyne, abortion care, hormone prescribing
and surgical consultation.
Uninsured people may be eligible for financial assistance.



Phone: 412-345-7456
Entrance wheelchair-accessible, wheelchair-accessible exam tables. Gender-neutral bathrooms, use people’s preferred pronouns, inclusive. Language interpreters available for appointments.


Inclusive primary care, on-site pharmacy services including lower cost HRT, referrals for surgery, mental health care, legal services and case management for those with HIV.

Income-based care if uninsured.


Transgender Health Insurance Guide to the Marketplace Affordable Care Act (ACA) Coverage  
Out2Enroll Marketplace (ACA) enrollment help  
PA Health Law Project Legal Representation, ACA/Disability/Medicaid Enrollment Help  
Transbucket Healthcare and surgery resource for the online trans community.  
Pittsburgh Health Brigade – Providers Reviewed and Tagged Transgender  
Project Silk 304 Wood Street, Mezzanine Floor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
(412) 532-2128
Project Silk drop in hours are Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Project Silk is a non-clinical community health space for LGBTQIA+ Youth of Color, located in Downtown Pittsburgh. Our mission is to provide a safer space for LGBTQIA+ youth of Color to learn, grow, and express themselves. We offer free and confidential HIV/STI testing during our open hours. We also link clients to various resources such as employment, housing, and food. Moreover, we provide recreational activities /workshops, and groups for folks to engage in. Rapid HIV Testing (finger prick or oral swab) completed with Chembio test. We also test for Hep C, Chlamydia,Gonorrhea, Syphilis. We can also link folks to PrEP with our new PrEP Telemedicine Model. No appointment needed.
Proud Haven 5132 Butler St. Pgh 15201 412-953-4666 Helps homeless LGBTQ+ youth find housing and other services.
Garden of Peace Phone: (412) 879-0477 Email: Resource guides and programs center Black queer and trans youth.
TransBuddy PGH 412.944.4261 Bring a buddy to your next healthcare visit.

More resources: – telehealth, hormones, HRT Care Fund (Fund grant applications open March 1, 2021.)

Choices are Awesome – Birth Control

I have been collaborating with Sheila Ramgopal at Allegheny Reproductive Health Center and with Sara Ginsburg to compile and share information on health plans, programs and resources related to birth control, abortion, sexual health care, birth and care of young children, trans health care and gyne care. Our focus is on people with low incomes.

Information on if/how immigrants and refugees can access care in these areas to follow soon!

Note: these are guides with information that can change. We’ll keep them updated as best we can.

This information is difficult to get. Too difficult. Hopefully these spreadsheets will support you and/or your loved ones in making the choices that are best for you and for them. Choices are awesome.