Herbalista Free Clinic has a huge list of resources with a focus on community care and herbal medicine at …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..PlPlease see the following local resource list being updated frequently by Ehrrin Keenan for information on activism, resources for children and families, food resources, income loss resources, etc.
………………………………………………………………………………………………………………The following healthcare-related resource lists began with resources listed in Ehrrin Keenan’s doc above. Thank you, Ehrrin and contributors! Thanks also to PHAN – Pennsylvania Health Access Network.




  •  ALLEGHENY HEALTH NETWORK AHN has free mobile testing in various neighborhoods, no doctor’s note required. Call 412-362-8677 for van schedule for the week and to make an appointment.
  • PITTSBURGH – Testing for COVID-19 is now available at federally qualified health centers in Allegheny County and through Pittsburgh Mercy, a certified community behavioral health clinic.
  • The tests will be offered at no charge, and patients do not need a doctor’s referral. Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should get tested.
  • Symptoms include: cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell. This is not a list of all possible symptoms. Other less common symptoms have been reported, including gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • To schedule an appointment, visit or call the clinic nearest you.
    • Alma Illery Medical Center (Homewood), 7227 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh 15208; 412.244.4700
    • Braddock Family Health Center, 404 Braddock Avenue, Braddock 15104; 412.351.6300
    • East End Family Health Center, 117 North Negley Avenue, Pittsburgh 15206; 412.404.4000
    • East Liberty Family Health Care Center, 6023 Harvard Street, Pittsburgh 15206; 412.661.2802
    • Hazelwood Family Health Center, 4918 Second Avenue, Pittsburgh 15207; 412.422.9520
    • Hill House Health Center, 1835 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh 15219; 412.392.4400
    • McKeesport Family Health Center, 627 Lysle Boulevard, McKeesport 15132; 412.664.4112
    • Metro Community Health Center, 1789 South Braddock Avenue, Suite 410, Swissvale 15218; 412.247.2310
    • North Side Christian Health Center, 816 Middle Street, Pittsburgh 15201; 412.321.4001
    • Northview Heights Clinic, 525 Mt. Pleasant Road, Pittsburgh 15212; 412.322.7500
    • Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center (South Side), 249 South 9th Street, Pittsburgh 15203; 412.697.3260
    • Squirrel Hill Health Center, 4516 Browns Hill Road, Pittsburgh 15217; 412.422.7442
    • Steel Valley Family Health Center, 1800 West Street, Homestead 15120; 412.461.3863
    • Sto-Rox Family Health Center, 710 Thompson Avenue, McKees Rocks 15136; 412.771.6462
    • West End Health Center, 415 Neptune Street, Pittsburgh 15220; 412.921.7200
    • Wilkinsburg Health Center, 807 Wallace Street, Suite 203, Pittsburgh 15221; 412.247.5216

From PHAN:

All major medical, Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant plans, including those available through, should cover medically appropriate COVID-19 diagnostic testing and associated treatment. Many insurers have announced that they will cover medically appropriate COVID-19 testing without any copays, deductibles, or cost-sharing for consumers. 

Medicaid (Medical Assistance) and CHIP covers medically appropriate laboratory testing for COVID-19 without copays. Associated treatment for COVID-19 is also covered, although there may be a nominal copay. If you cannot afford the copay at the time you receive the service, you will not be denied treatment, although your provider may send you a bill for the copayment amount.Testing is also free for consumers who are uninsured. If individuals believe they may have been exposed to COVID-19, and do not have a primary care provider, they should visit a local ER, clinic, or urgent care center.

Excepted benefit policies, short-term, limited duration (STLD) health insurance coverage, and/or health care sharing ministries can have significant limitations on coverage and may not provide the same level of access.

Where to Get Tested or Get a Doctor’s Order to Get Tested or Find Treatment if You Don’t Have Health Insurance:

  • Central Outreach Wellness is (only) testing people with symptoms who don’t have a PCP (doctor) or health insurance. (412) 322-4151
  • iHealth Clinic can see people unemployed because of Covid-19 for $20, others for $35 per medical issue by text or video visit. They do not require health insurance. (412) 203-5810
  • You can also see a list of health providers in Pittsburgh that serve un- and underinsured people (underinsured means you can’t afford your co-pay or deductible) here – FREE AND SLIDING SCALE CLINICS. Call first if you have symptoms.

Testing and Treatment for Veterans:

  • Veterans who have established care at VA Pittsburgh may be eligible for COVID-19 testing. Veterans with symptoms must call the Nurse Helpline at 412-360-6000 and select option 3 to schedule an appointment for drive-through testing at University Drive. No one should report to the Emergency Department for testing. Do not report for drive-through testing without an appointment.


From PHAN (Pennsylvania Health Access Network):

No one will be terminated from Medical Assistance, Long Term Care, or Home and Community Based Services except for the following circumstances:

  • A person is no longer a resident of Pennsylvania
  • A person asks for their case to be closed
  • A person has died

County Assistance Offices will use flexibility in verification processes

  • Medical Assistance: the CAO will accept your statement as verification for everything
    • Verification of citizenship may still be requested.
  • All other benefits:
    • Your statement accepted as proof of loss of wages or zero income.
    • For other verification, if you cannot provide it, tell the CAO! The CAO will try to get it for you. If that does not work, the CAO will accept your statement as proof.

Appeal Deadlines Extended

  • All appeal deadlines have been extended 60 days.
  • Coverage: 
    • Loss of job-based coverage qualifies individuals for a special enrollment period. If individuals enrolled in Marketplace plans lose income, they may qualify for increased subsidy, or may now be eligible for Medicaid coverage. Please go to to update your income and learn more about your options. 
    • Medicaid applications are still being processed, and individuals should apply as normal. Individuals should note on the application if they have a health emergency related to COVID-19. DHS will continue to prioritize Medicaid applications where there is an immediate health concern, and self-attestations will be accepted. 

Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD)

  • Consumers who are eligible for MAWD can be granted Good Cause during periods where they are furloughed from employment. MAWD coverage will not be canceled based on a lack of employment. Additionally, Good Cause can be granted to waive MAWD premium payments for up to two months. 

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

  • The following changes are in effect for CHIP until the end of the public health emergency:
    • Families will not be denied or disenrolled from coverage for administrative or financial reasons. An example of an administrative reason is not being able to provide proof of income.
    • Families will not pay a copay for services that are for COVID-19 screening, testing or treatment.
    • Families who cannot provide paperwork to verify information on an application or renewal, can provide self-attestation of information by signing the application or renewal.
    • Families will be given more time to pay premiums, if needed.
  • Families still must provide verification of information presented on an application, and are still responsible for copays for services not related to COVID-19. 
  • Testing and treatment services related to COVID-19 are covered. Families are also still responsible to pay premiums if applicable.
  • If a family is unable to pay premiums, they must contact their MCO immediately to request the MCO to perform a “reassessment” because of an income change.


People can request help with getting their medications on these lists, as well as requesting food and other help.


  • Viral Anxiety and Herbal Medicine:
  • Persad 412-441-9786 (serves the LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS communities) is continuing to offer counseling remotely, and their Sage group for LGBTQ+ elders is meeting by phone (email to join.)
  • RESOLVE Mental Health Crisis Line: 1-888-796-8226 Resolve is a 24-hour, 365-day crisis service. It’s free to all residents of Allegheny County, regardless of your ability to pay
  • Allegheny County has emotional support services:
    • A Peer Support and Advocacy Network is available from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. by calling 1-866-661-9726
    • Crisis Services available 24 hours/7 days a week by calling 1-888-796-8226
  • Additional information and resources on mental health care can be found at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website. The agency’s Disaster Distress Hotline is 1-800-985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746. People with deafness or hearing loss can use their preferred relay service to call 1-800-985-5990.
  • Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health (SAMHSA printable resource)
  • Coping with Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks (SAMHSA printable resource)
  • Forward Wellness Counseling and Consulting Services, LLC
    • We are offering telehealth services and accept all commercial insurance. Some commercial plans are also waiving copays. Sliding scale is also available  ($20-90). We also plan to do some online LIVEs around anxiety and coping through COVID-19. 
  • Inside Our Minds – virtual events and resources
    • Inside Our Minds is a peer-controlled, radical mental health organization that works to elevate the voices of people with lived experience of mental illness, madness, and other conceptualizations of mental health. We define radical mental health as a dynamic and innovative term that describes how individuals and groups are finding new ways to understand and conceptualize mental health. Radical mental health supports more inclusive and social justice-driven perspectives on mental health, prioritizing the voices of people with lived experience as educators and experts. Inside Our Minds serves the Pittsburgh region through subsidized, community-based radical mental health programming at no cost to participants
  • Counseling Wellness Center – Offering telehealth services and accepts all commercial insurance. Visit site or 412-322-2129
  • Step by Step Counseling – open for mental health & substance abuse counseling; can offer telehealth services
  • Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute (PPI) – offering telehealth services for spiritually integrated counseling
  • Associates in Behavioral Diagnostics and Treatment (AIBDT) – offering telehealth services
  • National Center for School Mental Health – list of resources covering several topics (mental health, students & families, etc)
  • JFCS Counseling Services: If you are in need of counseling services, you can call 412-904-5960 and leave a message. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible
  • Makin Wellness – Highly rated rated providers specializing in mental health, addiction and relationships. In network with major commercial plans and offering easy & secure virtual visit . Appointments within 48 hours ! Call us at 412-532-1249 to get scheduled
  • STEEL SMILING – free virtual mental health program during COVID-19



  • Women’s Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh Covid-19 Page (includes a Help in Other Languages link.) 24-hour hotline is at 412-687-8005.
  • Sanctuary for Families has great info on safety and planning during the Covid crisis.
  • Most courts are still issuing restraining orders. The Womenś Law Project has info on the Courts and Covid-19 and can help.
  • If the corona virus has forced you to self-isolate or self-quarantine in your home and you feel you may be in an unsafe situation for you and your children, help is available:
  • All PA Domestic Violence Programs – please call (if able) to see if services are altered during the pandemic
  • HOPE Center: if social distancing has forced you into unsafe situation, call 724-224-1266 to speak with an advocate. Available to call 24/7. They will help provide domestic violence information, community resources, safety planning, support, and more!
  • PAAR (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape)’s  office is closed but you can still access resources for sexual assault and violence at the Helpline: Running as usual 24/7 1-866-363-7273. Text/Chat Line: Services available and accessed through our website,


  • PP Direct – Most health providers are not writing new birth control prescriptions, but can extend current prescriptions. If you need a NEW prescription, use the PP Direct app. Download the app for NEW birth control & UTI Rx, shipped directly to your home. Co-pay has be waived! 
  • Nurx app – via the app get testing & Rx for: birth control, STI testing, genital herpes treatment, oral herpes treatment, emergency contraception, HIV PreP, HPV screening,
    COVID-19 testing & consultation
  • Maternal/Natal care:
    • Contact: Sydney Olberg; I am a trained doula and I can support with postpartum as well as labor (although that is tricky these days as they are often only letting in one person during delivery) but also late trimester pregnancy and even just questions.; (612) 886-5268 Availability: open (I have been exclusively working from home) 


  • Veterans who have established care at VA Pittsburgh may be eligible for COVID-19 testing. Veterans with symptoms must call the Nurse Helpline at 412-360-6000 and select option 3 to schedule an appointment for drive-through testing at University Drive. No one should report to the Emergency Department for testing. Do not report for drive-through testing without an appointment.



  • PA Harm Reduction Coalition – WEBINAR: Opioid Response Advocacy Forum March 31. Details and registration here
  • How to use Naloxone/NARCAN – video tutorial
  • Minimize your need to share supplies—if you are sharing, wipe down mouthpieces with an alcohol swab; avoid sharing cigarettes, e-cigs, joints, pipes, works, etc; do not share needles. Contact Prevention Point Pittsburgh for clean supplies & other harm reduction items
  • Put used smoking, snorting, and injecting equipment into a bio-bucket or sharps container so people know they’re used 
  • Minimize contact. If you are having sex or doing sex work, avoid coughing, kissing, and direct contact with bodily fluids & ensure condom & dental dam use 
  • Plan & prepare for an overdose—load up on Naloxone/NARCAN; experiment with lower doses; make an OD plan with others & stagger use if possible. Emergency services are stretched & may be slower to respond as a result of the pandemic
  • Stock up on supplies. Prevention Point Pittsburgh can be reached at or (412) 247-3404 
  • Prepare for a medicine & drug shortage. You might lose access to your drug of choice in an outbreak. Consider alternative drugs or medications that could help take the edge off. If facing potential opioid withdrawal, consider over-the-counter medications to make it less difficult (ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, Imodium). If you take methadone, ask your medical provider about making a plan to prevent disruptions to your dose 
  • You can find NARCAN at these pharmacies without a prescription


  • Allies for Health + Wellness: currently open; if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, do not come in. All current patients should call before coming in. Allies will deliver meds, bus tickets, etc. TOLL FREE: 1 888 204 8821; P: 412 345 7456
  • PACT: open, but no walk-ins. Must call for info and appointments. 412-647-PACT (7228) or 1-877-788-7228
  • Central Outreach – limited COVID-19 tests available (100 total)
  • Shepherd Wellness – currently CLOSED as of 3/16/20 (for two weeks)
  • Persad (as of 3/17/20) – Clients can still come to shower, do laundry, and access food pantry. No “drop in” or congregating hours at this time.


  • Drop-In Centers (most are closed, but may have limited services. Contact info is here
  • 412 Youth Zone – closed (as of 3/17/20) for 2 weeks. Supportive staff (youth coaches, supervisors, therapists, education liaisons) will be available remotely (phone, text, Facebook, video chat). Youth can call main landline to be directed to support: 412-902-4068. Youth can also access Youth Zone Facebook page for updates and info.
  • Wellspring – Drop-in center is closed; served outside. Clients can sign up to see case management, and will be seen inside 1 by 1. Clients can still pick up mail that will be brought outside to them.
  • Veteran’s Place (as of 3/17/20) – Drop in center and van services will still operate normal hours. Vet’s Place will not accept outside providers into the space, only clients and internal staff.
  • Light of Life (as of 3/17/20) – Clients getting temperature screened before entering. Elevated temps advised to go to hospital. Meals still happening, trying to implement to-go meals. Extended donation hours M-Th, 10am to 4pm. Only two people at a time allowed in donation center.
  • Pleasant Valley (as of 3/17/20) – Overnight residents may stay in during the day and can receive lunch. Drop in center open to people taking showers and doing laundry only (M-F). Take out lunches will be offered MWF between 12pm – 1pm. Capacity will be limited to 20 persons per area. People may have to wait outside if capacity is exceeded.
  • Allegheny Link (DHS) (as of 3/17/20) – Main hotline 866-730-2368; in-person & site visits are suspended, call to be helped remotely. Field Unit is functioning remotely. 
  • Operation Safety Net (as of 3/17/20) – Minimizing face to face contacts. Focusing on medically vulnerable, and virus-vulnerable individuals.
  • Bethlehem Haven (as of 3/17/20) – currently remaining open; shelter residents are cleared during day for cleaning
  • Shepherd’s Heart (as of 3/17/20) – Normal operations. Clients will receive food in containers.
  • Jubilee Kitchen (as of 3/17/20) – clients can come between 11am-12pm daily for take-out lunch. No indoor service. 
  • First Presbyterian Dinner (as of 3/17/20) – no indoor service; volunteers will distribute bagged meals 
  • Persad (as of 3/17/20) – Clients can still come to shower, do laundry, and access food pantry. No “drop in” or congregating hours at this time.
  • Project Silk (as of 3/17/20) – Open Wednesdays from 1-5pm for services only. Clients can reach out to Silk to schedule 1 on 1 appointments, 412-532-2128.
  • McKeesport Downtown Housing Shelter (as of 3/17/20) – not accepting new residents for next two weeks
  • Daily Bread (as of 3/17/20) – Still giving out meals Tues. and Thurs. Meals will be handed out, to-go, in their parking lot. Inside is closed.
  • Youth Support Partners (as of 3/17/20) – Have suspended face to face interactions and meetings. Will be working remotely until the end of March. They will be utilizing phone calls, texts, social media, video chat, etc in order to continue serving youth.



Immigrants and refugees can contact the JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services and Immigrant Services & Connections (ISAC) for help understanding the situation, connect with services or providers. Contact ISAC at 412-742-4200 or email If an immigrant or refugee is in crisis, call 412-422-7200 or emailed to

CASA SAN JOSE Latino Resource Center is providing all types of support for Latinx people in Pittsburgh. For general questions call 412.343.3111. If you have an emergency related to immigration issues please contact our Emergency Response Organizer, Laura Perkins at 412-736-7167.

Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Covid-19 information in Spanish:

COVID-19, Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) has partnered with United Way 211 to offer a 24/7 hotline. Please call 888-856-2774 to speak with a representative. Language services available (Arabic, Chinese, Nepalese, Russian, Spanish and Swahili.)

The Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh has a Covid-19 page at . There is a link on this page to Help in Other Languages.


  1. Generally, humanitarian immigrants like refugees and asylees, people who have had green cards for more than five years, and “lawfully present” children under 21 and pregnant adults can get Medical Assistance (MA). 
  2. Emergency MA is available to individuals who have an immigration status that makes them ineligible for MA. These individuals must have a medical condition that has severe symptoms, requires medical attention quickly, and can lead to serious harm to a bodily function or part without treatment. COVID-19 qualifies as an emergency medical condition in PA. 
  3. Receiving MA is very unlikely to harm your immigration case, and MA follows strict privacy rules. The information you put on an MA application will be used only to determine MA eligibility and to make sure those who are eligible are able to receive and use their MA benefits.


  • Headspace app free for healthcare professionals; will be able to access a full library of guided meditations (with a new one arriving each day), along with sleep sounds and bedtime exercises, all of which could help them destress. To register, you’ll need your National Provider Identifier (NPI) and an email address

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