Be Well Pittsburgh! collaborates with healthcare consumers, health care providers, social service providers and community organizations to improve un- and underinsured Pittsburghers’ awareness of and access to healthcare resources.

Be Well! was founded in 2005 and was originally funded by a Seed Award from the Sprout Fund. The Seed Award supported the printing of 6,000 copies of a resource booklet entitled Be Well! Healthcare Options for the Uninsured. The booklet was distributed in public venues and health clinics and through social service organizations in Pittsburgh. Its release was launched at a community health fair at the Quiet Storm Coffeehouse during the summer of 2006.

The information was listed online at www.bewellpgh.org shortly thereafter.

Be Well! received a Root Award from the Sprout Fund in 2007. In 2008 we received a Pittsburgh 250 Community Connections grant as well as an acknowledgement award from the Pittsburgh Creativity Project at Carnegie Mellon University.

The information in the booklet and on the website was compiled using some existing resources and through much additional research. All resources must be free or offered at reduced cost for un- and underinsured people.

Be Well! continued to revise, update, print and distribute the booklets as funds allowed and has distributed 14,000 booklet copies thus far.  We also continually expanded and updated the website. We have participated in community events and held community information sessions.

Be Well! went on hold with the passing of the ACA in 2013. Though the website was still accessible, listings were not updated or added.

Be Well! is active again as of January, 2017. We look forward to helping ensure that all people get the healthcare that they deserve regardless of our country’s political situation. Healthcare is a human right. We intend to keep focusing on our most threatened neighbors.

We are grateful to have received support from the Opportunity Fund to continue work on access to healthcare in 2020.

Donations are needed and very gladly accepted! Please use the Paypal button on the homepage to make a donation.


One thought on “ABOUT BE WELL

  1. I run a weekly Thursday Evening “Mental Health Support Group” that meets every Thursday evening from 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. at the Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie Library. All individuals who are dealing with a mental illness are invited. The group is free. For more information, email or call Mike Sable at recoverysi@earthlink.net or 757-534-8004.

    Please include us in your “Mental Health” listings. Thank you.

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