Choices are Awesome – Trans Health Care

I collaborated with Sheila Ramgopal at Allegheny Reproductive Health Center to create a guide to health coverage, providers and resources related to trans health care for low-income people. Thank you Zoë Mizuho for all of your help as well!

What seems important about trans health care is the gap that often exists between the law – which at this point says basically that services related to gender transition must be covered, and that medically necessary health care must be provided regardless of sex reported on intake form/medical records (eg pap smear provided for F to M person who marks M on intake form – and what actually occurs in practice. Health plans still try to exclude transition-related health care, providers still experience confusion and may refuse to process insurance forms. Options might be contacting a consumer health advocacy organization – see that section here on the website – to get legal help or representation contesting practices, or making a choice about what sex on an intake form might get you more of the care that you need without questions (totally a personal decision!.)

Note: these are guides with information that can change. We’ll keep them updated as best we can.

This information is difficult to get. Too difficult. Hopefully these spreadsheets will support you and/or your loved ones in making the choices that are best for you and for them. Choices are awesome.


FEEDBACK ALWAYS VERY WELCOME! Use the comments function.

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